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We believe that anyone who wants a job should be empowered to get a job. At WorkSchool, we are committed to help you build the skills you need to get your dream job.

Our Story
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Our Story

We are a team of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, educators, lifelong learners and industry professionals and thought leaders passionate about the future of learning and work.

We are passionate about helping professional get the skills they need to find jobs and build their career.

WorkSchool is built by educators and entrepreneurs who know that traditional way of getting needed skills sometimes aren’t the most effective.


Life long-Learners, Educators, Entrepreneurs, and Industry Experts 

Touseef Liaqat

A former software engineer from Meta, Microsoft, and Airbnb. An immigrant who is living the American dream and helping other engineers go from 1 to 2.15+ years of experience in engineering.
Taught over 400+ students2x Founder and Angel Investor.
Worked at Meta, Microsoft and Airbnb.
Interviewed hundreds of people at FAANG.

Glen Patterson

Glen is a 2x founder, an educator, an angel investor and an advisor to multiple startups. Glen is passionate about getting the right skills to the next generation of leaders. Glen started his career in banking and spent many years working for several banks in multiple roles. Glen did a brief but eye-opening time with a start-up hedge fund where he realized how little skills he had acquired from university to prepare him for the job. In 2011, Glen started lecturing to support people looking to build skills for jobs. Since then, he has been working in the higher education ecosystem. He holds an MPA from Columbia University, an MA from New York University and a BA/BS from Georgia State University.

Why we do it.

-To have a positive impact
-Help qualified people break  into tech.
-Passionate about helping underserved communities.
-Create a more equitable process.

How we flow.

At WorkSchool we look for every opportunity to grow to be better. And therefore, we are always learning and seeking knowledge can be transformative in the way of doing things.

-We never stop learning
-Community is at heart of work
-Challenging ourselves to improve
-Find new ways to help our community

-Together we are better

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