How To: Business Social Media Strategy - The Basics


Course Overview

What you will learn….

In this course, you will learn how to develop a smart and social media strategy that is right for your business.

Drawing on the unique aspects of your business goals, your customers and business culture, you will learn how to turn those components into a strategy to make your social media marketing more effective for your business.

You will complete this course with a blueprint of a social media strategy which maps out what kinds of content you should be creating and why. You will also learn how to measure the success of your social media strategy and how to create content inspired by your goals.

If you’ve been running your social media channels, or you’re just launching social media channels, you need to have a social media strategy to ensure your marketing has purpose and direction. Without a strategy, you cannot measure success and see which aspects of your marketing are worth your time.

Develop a social media strategy so you have a clear direction, and purpose with your social media - so when you put in time and effort, it’s in the right places.

You will learn:
The basics of marketing theory to frame your approach
How to verbalise your business goals
How to approach your customers and their needs in your social media
How to distinguish your unique business culture
Which demographics are on each social network
How to match metrics with your business goals to measure success
By combining these aspects, you will have a social media strategy for your business.
About your course instructor:
Rachel Beaney is a social media specialist, having worked for nearly a decade in the digital media space. She’s worked on social media campaigns for big names like Microsoft, Aussie Home Loans, Network Ten, MasterChef Australia and more.
Rachel is passionate about teaching and helping people get the most out of digital and social media for their businesses.

Take the course:

Before we go any further I don't want you to be disappointed with this course - this course covers the elements you need to think about for designing a social media strategy for beginners.

This course does not cover social media day-to-day management or campaign execution. This is the topline thinking behind a social media approach.

What am I going to get from this course?

·       Over 1 hour of video lectures
·       Hands-on exercises every step of the way
·       A new way to understand your business and customer needs
·       An understanding of how social media marketing fits in with a traditional marketing mix
·       A social media strategy that is personalised for your business.

Who is the target audience?

·       If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you might find learning how to develop a social media strategy a useful tool.
·       If you work in marketing, digital media, digital production or online community management, having a social media strategy to guide you is essential.
·       If you are a consultant or freelancer, this is a handy approach for working with clients who want to make the most out of your social media.

What are the requirements?
·       You will need something to write with – a notepad or a mobile device – something to jot your ideas down.
·       You need to be willing to think about your business in a new way
·       Keen to get creative!

After this course, you will be able to do:

·       Identify your business and customer needs
·       Find and share your core business values
·       Design a social media strategy
·       Turn your strategy into tactics
·       Craft best-practise posts which reflect your strategy.

Is it time for a change?

Do you feel like your social media channels are a waste of time?
Are you exhausted trying to run all of your social media accounts?
Do you feel like your social media channels don't really help your business goals?
Do you want to learn how to create content which engages your audience around your business?
Do you want to convert people into long-term advocates for your brand?
A social media strategy will alleviate the uncertainty associated with running social media channels using a scattergun approach. Be strategic about your marketing and learn how to leverage the tools of the modern marketing age.

Updated October 2016

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