3 Things You Must Do before Applying for a Job

3 Things You Must Do before Applying for a Job

October 30, 2023

The job application process requires some level of planning, you must not rush it. Searching for a new job is never easy, whether you already have one or currently unemployed. There are lots of people looking for a job, some are perfect candidates while some are not. What makes the difference is what the candidates know, their level of planning and preparation before applying for the job.

Imagine you’ve just found a job posting and it appears to be the perfect fit. The position is with a company you’d love to work for and you meet each one of the employer’s qualifications. How perfect can this job posting possibly get?

Instead of applying for the job right away, it is important to stop for a few minutes to carefully read the job posting and think of it as a lead. This process will help you form a better strategy for your job application that will get you noticed by the employer.

Before you start sending applications or even search for the job, there are certain things you must do. 

Here are three things you must do before applying for a job:


You should not submit the same resume for every job application. Tailor your resume towards the job you are applying for. Understand the requirements of the job, make sure your resume fits those requirements. If you have applied for a social media analyst role, then highlight your social media presence and the work that you have done with respect to social media. 


Times have changed, gone are the days where you can use your social media as you like, but now your social media is part of your professional network. Employers check your social media profiles to know who they are hiring, they will most likely check your 

  • LinkedIn, 
  • Twitter, 
  • Instagram, 
  • Facebook

 It is better to post what you are proud of, stay away from cyber bullying, and all those other vices online. 

Before you apply for the position, make sure your social media profiles display what you want employers to see. This means your LinkedIn profile should be updated with your most recent experience and you’ve removed anything from Twitter or Facebook you wouldn’t want an employer to see. When your profile is up-to-date and relevant, it immediately makes you more attractive. Imagine a recruiter coming across your profile and seeing only the title you had two promotions ago. You’re doing yourself a big disservice by not highlighting your most recent accomplishments!


It is a reasonable thing to do. Read about the company  and all the necessary things to know about the company. Will you accept a job offer from a company when you don’t know what they do? The best way to start is during the application stage. 

Check out the company's website and read through their career page. You should also take a look at their blogs, read about the people who work there, and read out their company news. This will give you a better idea of what the company does and how you can market yourself to a potential employer. For instance, if you’re applying to a lot of companies that demand collaborative work, and you prefer to pursue goals on your own, that might be a reason to scratch these companies off your list straightaway.

To conclude, when people don’t have a direction for their career, they settle for anything that comes their way. It is better to know the kind of job you are looking for before you apply.

It can be tempting to apply to just about every job that’s in an area of interest for you, but it often pays to really consider what you want to do in both the short and long term, according to The Muse. 

Keeping your resume updated helps in your job search and in networking — it doesn’t matter if you’re casually looking for something, eager to be recruited, or merely open to being approached about new opportunities. Once you apply for the job ensure your resume is updated with detailed information. 

For better or worse, I believe each of us is extremely powerful in creating the next steps we take in our lives, the next thoughts we think and the stories we spin. Know what you are looking for, and focus on that, your job search will be much easier.

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