Membership Guidelines

WorkSchool facilitates a community of providers/creators (we will use provider and creator interchangeably) and users that can engage with one another. To help us keep the engaging spirit of our community, we have a few rules to remember when using WorkSchool. All capitalized terms have the same meaning as in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

As a provider/creator, you must provide WorkSchool with any information requested in order for WorkSchool to list your classes through its Services including but not limited to a description of the classes and the price for the classes. 

WorkSchool has sole discretion as to which classes we list on the marketplace and we reserve the right to reject any classes or remove any classes from the marketplace for any reason. Additionally, WorkSchool has discretion to edit class descriptions as needed to conform them to our marketplace standards. 

WorkSchool has sole discretion as to which providers are accepted into the marketplace and we reserve the right to reject any potential teacher and remove or suspend any teacher from the marketplace for any reason. 

Community Standards: When you join the WorkSchool community, you agree to follow our policies, including our community standards. Those expectations include thoughtful and professional communications with our community, modeling appropriate behavior for our learners, and acting professionally. 

In addition, you agree to use social media, blogs, and other online forums, in an appropriate manner. Inappropriate behavior in any WorkSchool-affiliated online forum includes, but is not limited to: behavior intended to provoke, bully, demean, or cause harm to others, or to create conflict; or any other posts or content that WorkSchool, in its discretion, believes to be unconducive to a respectful and welcoming community for all. Inappropriate behavior in any online forum includes, but is not limited to: posting online or speaking to the media on WorkSchool’s behalf without prior written authorization from WorkSchool; 

Any content posts that WorkSchool, in its discretion, finds to be offensive or inappropriate based on race, sex, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability or medical condition, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristic; derogatory, disparaging, or disrespectful comments about learners, teachers, parents, or WorkSchool staff, even if the target is not identified by name; sharing any private material, communication, or information regarding parents of learners, including but not limited to students’ or parents’ names, photos, conversations, emails, student academic or performance information, screenshots of student work, or any other personal identifying information; posts that may be harmful to WorkSchool’s ongoing business operations; sharing content that contains or promotes hate speech, threats of violence, or the endangerment of children; and any other violation of WorkSchool’s community standards.

Prohibited Content:

WorkSchool reserves the right to remove any Offer or any other content uploaded to the Service, in its sole discretion, that it deems to violate this guideline.  

This includes any Offer or other uploaded content to the Service that WorkSchool deems: We would like everyone to our platform. 

  • Harassing or harassment to Roll or any third party;
  • Bullying;
  • Spam;
  • Hate speech;
  • Pornographic; 
  • To be encouraging violence, including but not limited to related to Offers related to weapons or weapon accessories;
  • Defamatory; 
  • To reference or encourage illegal acts; 
  • To be a lottery or related to gambling; 
  • Political fundraising;
  • An invasion of privacy;
  • To involve sex work and sexual services; 
  • To violate a third-party’s right to publicity; 
  • To involve alcohol, drugs, nicotine, tobacco or vaporizers; or
  • To violate the legal rights of a third party.

Be Respectful:

Both creators and users must treat each other with respect in all communications, both written and verbal. Creators and users should be courteous and considerate with regard to language and avoid sharing overly personal information.  

When uploading content to the Service, creators and users must avoid any speech that is or could be construed as slander, libel or defamatory.  

If there is a dispute between a creator and user, WorkSchool asks that you try to resolve the dispute informally. In the event, you cannot resolve the dispute, please contact us at so we can assist.

Intellectual Property:

We ask that you not only respect each other, but respect us. 

Users want to engage with creators so impersonating or otherwise representing that you are anyone but yourself, is strictly prohibited. The unauthorized sharing of another’s trademarks or copyrighted material is also prohibited.  Users must also not impersonate or represent that you are anyone but yourself.    

Members, partners, and users must only upload original content to the Service and may not utilize any copyright protected material without the appropriate permissions.

Your website and services belong to our members and the creator, but we may remove offending content or cancel your accounts if you violate any of our membership guidelines. 

If you would like further information on using any of WorkSchool services, App or Website please check out our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If you see an offer or any content on the Service that you believe violates these Membership Guidelines or the Terms of Service, please contact us to let us know at

As WorkSchool continues to grow, we may need to update our guidelines and will post those updates here. 

These guidelines were last updated on January 24, 2023.