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Career coaching is a valuable investment and will help you no matter if you are a recent college graduate, or a mid-career professional. Our fundamental goal is to help you identify and leverage your distinctive career skills and strengths in accordance with your career goal regardless if your goal is a new job, career transition, or career growth.
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Jermaine Murray
Independent coach and recruiter

Meet Jermaine AKA. The Job Father., your expert Career Coach & Technical Recruiter. The founder of JupiterHR.ca. 


Glen Patterson

Co-Founder of WorkSchool
Career professional coach
Career and talent development professional
Career educator
3x Career Fellow
Leadership Fellow
Angel Investor
Coached 10000+ students and young professionals on making  career changing choices over the past decade.
Helped 400+ employees upskills.
Ex-Wells Fargo
Columbia University


Bernadette Ludwig

Meet Bernadette, a seasoned educator in the realm of Sociology. Students’ academic and career advisor and development. Educator. PhD professor of Associate Professor of Sociology & Faculty Director of Civic Engagement.
Wagner College  


Marissa Davis
Independent consultant and coach

A seasoned professional with a wealth of experience developing leaders. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for effective communication, she guides her clients in developing their career journey. 
Swarthmore College
Harvard Kennedy School.


Touseef Liaqat

A former software engineer from Meta, Microsoft, and Airbnb. An immigrant who is living the American dream and helping other engineers go from 1 to 2.15+ years of experience in engineering.
Taught over 400+ students
2x Founder and Angel Investor.
Worked at Meta, Microsoft and Airbnb.
Interviewed hundreds of people at FAANG.

Yvonne David

Specialize in nonprofit management.   
Founder and CEO, The Pippin Project 
Executive Coach, Coaching Across Cultures, IncCoaching Across Cultures.   
Training Workshop Facilitator.


On-Demand Coaching Track

On-demand Coaching Sessions are flexible, on demand sessions designed to deep dive into standalone topics aligned to your career’s needs.
Participants as option to learn from a new Coach in each session or stay with the same coach.

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Cohort Based Coaching Track.

The Cohort Coaching Based Track is a six-week journey for up to 6 Participants, covering different topics aligned to career priorities. Designed to build, build employable skills, create strong connections, and drive sustained behavioral changes to get a job and build your career.

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1:1 Professional Coaching Track

1:1 coaching sessions that build upon l provide personalized support and accountability, and help apply new skills to get a job and build your career.

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