Skill Based Training
Expert-led. Peer-driven.

Our Training Models

One or all of the following offerings depending on the your needs and goals.

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  • Self-paced
    on-demand learning. We curate a set of courses from our catalog to meet the learning needs. (Guided)

  • Micro-Learning. Live and on-demand
    Webinars, Workshop.
    1 -3 HOURS of bite-sized practice activities that help employees apply learned skills to day-to-day work

  • Cohort based training.
    Live Training Interactive coach-led professional development.
     (in-person or online.)

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WorkSchool's job readiness program.

A free assessment session
Evidence-base training
*Asynchronous cohort based training
*Synchronous cohort based training
Industry Experts Instructors
Group enrollments
-Adapt to meet your industry needs and    business goal
-Learn by doing
-Get instant feedback on your progress.

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We work with our partners to make the training meet their desired goals.

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We build a community to provide career long support.
Lifetime access to mentor, peers and our team members.
-3 month support  

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Learn With WorkSchool

Taught by industry experts.
With insights from industry leading recruiters & hiring managers, mentors to make sure you get job.
Built by an engineer for engineers.
Earn a better salary.

How you will benefit

Skills based training to help get a job.
 Project-based Learn 
Lifetime access to lectures,  course work.
alumni-events, and community forum.
 Community and peer discussion
Hands-on experience
Certificate (Destinated courses and programs)
Interview prep
Network with industry professionals.
Recruiters feedback
Access to career coaches
Resume review

Many of our engineers go on to work at

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