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WorkSchool accelerates your career development process through coaching and skills based training.

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How We Help You Grow.
Easy and Seamless Experience.

Sometimes a job description isn’t enough to tell you exactly what skills you need to succeed professionally.
We get insights into the skills corporations are looking for in candidates and teach them to you. 

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We work with you to discover stories from your professional and personal life which highlight your core values and behavioral attributes

How we can help you

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We teach all the secrets and techniques to get you a dream job.
We also train on a growth mindset to show you traits of successful hire.

How we can help you

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We are curating a network of industry providers such as career coaches, recruiters, employers, and mentors to make your job search successful.

How we can help you

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How we can help you

Full Name

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How we can help you

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How we can help you







Interview Prep.

Interview prep with career coaches and industry experts.
Interviewing fundamentals are more important than ever.  Preparation, practice, and research are essential.  We prepared to communicate with enthusiasm and clarity. Talk about your strengths and career path.

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Land your dream job with the right resume.
A well-crafted resume is chronological, contains key words and phrases, and focuses on the job you are applying for.  
Call now to set up a Free 15-Minute Resume Review!

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Cover Letter

Land your dream job with the right cover letter.

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Our Training Models

One or all of the following offerings depending on the your needs and goals.

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  • Self-paced
    on-demand learning. We curate a set of courses from our catalog to meet the learning needs. (Guided)

  • Micro-Learning. Live and on-demand
    Webinars, Workshop.
    1 -3 HOURS of bite-sized practice activities that help employees apply learned skills to day-to-day work

  • Cohort based training.
    Live Training Interactive coach-led professional development.
     (in-person or online.)

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Why WorkSchool

Taught by industry experts.
With insights from industry leading recruiters & hiring managers.
Earn a better salary.

What you get

Dedicate team we 10+ years industry experience
Community of like minded job-seekers
Access to industry professionals
Access to job listings
Job and career readiness training
Lifetime access to a coach and community forum.
Free  alumni-events and course work for one year
Networking Opportunities

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