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Build Better Skills Land DREAM Jobs Clean Tech.

We are taking the ambiguity out of the job hunt and giving you the tools you need to succeed to find a job in Clean Tech.
From Courses to Career.

Our tribe members works at
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WorkSchool supports job-seekers in Clean-Tech.

The modern labor market requires more than professional skills.   
Discover how WorkSchool can help. We stay with until you get a job.

Learn for the job. Learn on the job.

-Identify key skills for your career.
-Career coaching,
-Mock interviews (Interview ready )
-Put your learning into practice & find  your dream  job
-We have helped over 4000 people find jobs.
-Gain hands-on experience working on real projects.
Give you the skills you need to get a higher paying job.

Popular Training Programs

We take you from courses to career.

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CISCO CyberOps Certification

CISCO CyberOps Certification

The CyberOps Certification explores cyber trends, threats, staying safe in cyberspace, and protecting personal and company data. It will also include information security, systems security, network security ethics

$ 950.00 USD
CISCO CCNS Networking Certification

CISCO CCNS Networking Certification

The CISCO Networking Certification introduces cybersecurity operations concepts while emphasizing practical application of skills needed to monitor, detect, analyze, and respond to security threats.

$ 1,675.00 USD

How It Works

Sometimes a job description isn’t enough to tell you exactly what skills you need to succeed professionally. We are taking the ambiguity out of the job hunt and giving you the tools you need to succeed.  

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We work with you to discover stories from your professional and personal life which highlight your core values and behavioral attributes.

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Get Coaching

We also train on a growth mindset to show you traits of successful hire.

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Getting Hired

What does it take to get hired in Cleantech? We teach all the secrets and techniques to prepare for job in Cleantech.

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Join Our Community.

Find what other WorkSchool tribe members are saying. Meet like-minded people, learn and teach new things, share your experiences, get tips on job search, interact with experts, be inspired and inspire others.

Your path to success in getting a job in Cleantech.
*Learning is better with cohorts
*Active learning, not passive watching
*This course builds on hands-on projects and live interactive calls    with your peers
*Interactive and project-based
*You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms   and projects
*Learn with a cohort of peers
*Build confidence
*Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and   grow alongside you

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What is Included.  

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Learn from anywhere

*25k + on-demand skills based courses
*Asynchronous cohort based training
*Synchronous cohort based training
Taught by industry experts

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Top Notch Training

A free assessment session
Evidence-base training
Guest recruiters
-Group enrollments
-Adapt course to meet your industry needs
-Learn by doing
-Get instant feedback on your progress.

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Mastermind sessions.

Lifetime access to mentor, peers ,and our team members. Master Class
Private cohorts
-Create an exclusive learning environment
-Consisting peers within our community
-Group enrollments
- Expert-Led

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One-on-One Mentorship/Coaching

Get match with industry professionals.
Career coaching, resume review, salary negotiation, and mock interview.
-Get a free assessment  
-Instant expert feedback 
-Guest recruiters

Talk to a Provider.
Career Coaches, Recruiters, Mentors

We not only help you find a job, we also help you build your career.

-Get match with industry professionals.
-Private session
-Resume review
-Interview practice
-Recruiter discussion

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Get matched with a Career Coach Today.  

We not only help find a job we also help you build your career in Cleantech.

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Explore Jobs and Career Resources

The information, tools, and support to learn the skills you need to get you the job you want and advance your career.


How Technology Will Impact the Future of Work.

There is a major change currently going on in the world of work. This change is causing significant panic, anxiety, and uncertainty for many people and creating groundbreaking challenges as well as opportunities.


4 Must Have Soft-Skills to Land a Job in 2023

In today’s every change and difficult job market. Finding a job is not easy. So the more you can do to separate yourself from the pool of other job candidates, the more likely you will find your dream job.


3 Things You Must Do before Applying for a Job

The job application process requires some level of planning, you must not rush it. Searching for a new job is never easy, whether you already have one or currently unemployed.


WorkSchool Impact

94%of job-seekers agree the program has had a positive impact on their career and professional development.

76%of job-seekers agree that our programs gave them skills they needed to find a job.

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Upcoming Webinars and Workshops

Start building needed skills to get your dream job.

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Career Bootcamp

Career Bootcamp

4 month Bootcamp provides extensive cohort based job and career readiness program to help you LAND a job at leading tech companies.

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June 22, 2023
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8:00 pm
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Online via Zoom
Job Readiness Workshop

Job Readiness Workshop

Job readiness workshop. Interview prep. LinkedIn review, Resume and Cover Letter Review, Salary Negotiation, Networking.

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September 14, 2023
Clock Icon - Academy Webflow Template
8:00 pm
Location Icon - Academy Webflow Template
Palo Alto 3000 Tannery WaySanta Clara, CA 95054

Why WorkSchool

Taught by industry experts.
With insights from industry leading recruiters & hiring managers.
Earn a better salary.

What you get

Dedicate team we industry experience
Community of like minded job-seekers
Access to industry professionals
Dedicate team we industry experience
Job readiness prep
Lifetime access to lecture and community forum course work.
Free  alumni-events and course work for one year

Frequently Asked Questions

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