Tips to Get a Job Within The First 5 Minutes of Your Job Interview.

Tips to Get a Job Within The First 5 Minutes of Your Job Interview.

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits declined further last week. The unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in 53-year according to a CNBC jobs report.

While layoffs in the tech sector continue to make highlight news, other sectors are hiring at a robust rate.

Do these 3 things to get the attention of your interviewer within the first 5 minutes of the interview.


The first thing to get right is to be on time. Never arrive to an interview late, whether it is online or offline, always arrive early. Arriving early for an interview gives you the opportunity to settle down properly. Have in mind that as you are walking into the venue of your interview, the interview has started. So you must create a good impression within your duration in that company. Once you arrive, let your phone be on silent. Make conversation with the receptionist, and take in the environment, you might notice something that will be useful for small talks later.


Show respect to everyone, starting from the first person you meet at the entrance, the first person you meet most likely will be the security, be polite to them. Treat them with respect as you would the manager. These are all touch-points with your potential future employer and colleagues, who will often share their impressions of visitors afterwards. Make sure that everyone you come into contact with sees you in a positive light.


The employer does not know you, you might be a very nice person but he will not know unless you portray it, everything you do is what will lead up to the impression he will have of you. Non verbal cues are also important, if not more important than verbal ones. Smile confidently, shake hands, look up straight, make eye contact, and generally look like you are glad to be there, and you want the job. In all, show an energy of enthusiasm, positivity, and interest.


First impressions are perhaps the most important thing. The first few moments of your job interview can have a decisive impact on how well the rest of it goes. It is important to make a good first impression, anything you do within this period will create a lasting impression. The more reason you should pay attention to this information.